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*Name: jenn.
*Age: 14.
*Country: the netherlands.
*Music: metal, emo, screamo.
*Favourite Icon:

*Who has got the best icon in your LJ-list and promote there. vandaag_niet&essepoester.
*Do you make icons? If it's a yes, with what? yes. psp 8&animation shop.
*Why did you join? proserpine tole me to join :p + i love icons.

  • Movie

    Comment and Credit if taking, please! 1. 2. 3. 4. Well it's not my favorite, but one of my favorites :] i love so much movies :o!

  • Movie: Edward Scissorhands

    I chose this movie, 'cause it's my favourite. I've found them, but I don't know where...

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    Themes Every week one of your mods. wil pick a theme. We expect that you will post your favorite icons in that theme! This week: Movies! +…

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