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Illusions or reality? Icons are true!

Icons for all!
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to living icons,
you can post here all the icons you want, ask for icons, make icons, etc.
but there are some RULES:

1.you must give credit to the owner
2.introduce yourself in short:
-Use an LJ-cut.
-Use as subject: New member.
-Tell a little bit about yourself:
*Favourite Icon:
*Who has got the best icon in your LJ-list and promote there.
*Do you make icons? If it's a yes, with what?
*Why did you join?
3.don't go bitchin' about icons of other people. If they like it, it's their choice!
4.talk in english! So that people from other countries can understand you!
5.do NOT promote community's here, except if it is a icon community.

Oh and NO, this is NOT a rating community.

your mods, nostalgie_ and drmartins